We've hosted mostly high school students from ten
different countries for seven years.  We speak English
and Chinese, and like to cook many kinds of food.  
Presently, we have Chinese girls with us.  If we sound
like the host family for you, read more!  Email us.
See the Contact Us page.
Mom, Dad, brother, sister, and
grandmother welcome you to stay
with us from two months to one year
or more.  You can be a part of our
family, help with the dishes, have
fun with our teens, come to church
with us, study in a beautiful place,
and get a lot of English practice.
Christian Family
Welcome to our
home in beautiful
North Carolina!
Christian Family
Badminton court outside
Our house has lots of room: three floors, eight bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and two outside
screened porches for fresh-air studying.

There's a private badminton court in the backyard, a gazebo and lovely fruit trees beside a little stream.
Ready to make a cake
Our Christian family homestay is perfect for
conservative girls who want to go to an American high
school (age 16 & up) or study English or other subjects
in Charlotte, North Carolina with the support of a
warm and loving family.